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Getting Started

Do you service my area?

Our service area includes Toronto and the surrounding municipalities. If your home falls into any of these areas, then you’re in luck! If not, feel free to contact us at [email protected] or call us at 1-866-428-6778 and we’ll work something out if possible. Please note that we reserve the right to not service to any area for any reason.

What is included in a standard cleaning?

On our Pricing & Services tab you will find a breakdown of what is included in cleaning.

Maidstr also has a system in place that your cleaning professional will follow. You can leave additional notes in your account after checkout, by contacting us, or by providing instructions during your cleaning. For your quick reference, the following extra services are available if selected at checkout:

inside the fridge

inside the oven

inside windows


move in/move out

inside cabinets

Note: To protect the safety of our professionals, we cannot perform the following: cleaning that requires climbing on ladders, exterior windows, mold removal, deep stain removal, insect and pest removal, cleaning pet messes, cleaning blinds, and items that require heavy lifting.


Can I request special tasks or extras?

We tried to cover all possible options on our booking page but if you have any other special requests, please don’t hesitate to let us know; contact us at either [email protected] or 1-866-428-6778 . We understand that everyone’s home is different so let us know what you need and we’ll do our best to make it happen.

How do I book my first appointment?

It’s simple. All you have to do is fill out Maidstr’s secure booking form, selecting the time and date that you want us to clean your home. It’s as simple as that and will only take you 60 seconds. Once you have completed your booking you will receive a confirmation email instantly.

Can you accommodate last minute bookings?

Indeed we can. Give us a call at 1-866-428-6778   and we’ll get you all set for your same day booking. For same day bookings, a $25 fee will be charged.

Do I need a credit card to make a booking?

Yes. We need your payment card information to make an appointment, but you will not be charged until your cleaning is completed.

Do you clean on weekends?

We aim to please so yes, we clean 7 days a week.

What if I need to reschedule or cancel a booking?

No problem.  If it is at least 48 hours before service, please login to you account and select a new date.  Alternatively, you can contact us here and let us know. If you cancel or reschedule your appointment with less than 48 hours notice, a cancellation fee of $75 will be applied. If you cancel within 24 hours, or are a “no show” for your appointment, you will be charged for 65% of the total cost of the original cleaning service. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation with us in regard to this policy in that it helps up continue to provide the best possible service to our clients in a timely manner.

Why do you recommend a deep clean for first time cleanings?

We strongly recommend the deep clean option for first time and one time cleans – especially if this is the first time using a professional cleaning service in 3 or more months. It accounts for the extra time to get your home sparkling clean. Subsequent maintenance cleanings will take less time and cost.

What is included in a move in / move out cleaning?

All services, except interior windows cleaning, are included in a move in / move cleaning:

+ Deep cleaning

+ Inside kitchen and bathroom cabinets

+ Inside fridge

+ Inside oven


How do I redeem my discount code or gift card?

Simply enter your discount code or gift card code into the booking form as you are creating your booking. Your final price will automatically change to reflect your coupon balance. At any time you can log into your account and see the balance on any gift cards you have

Do you offer gift cards?

Absolutely! Go to our Gift Card page, fill out the form and pay online. Give the gift of a clean home in less than 60 seconds!

Pricing & Policies

How much will it cost?

Standard cleanings for 1 bedroom 1 bathroom start at $119. Rate increases depending on the services and add-ons selected in the Booking page.

What is your 100% satisfaction guarantee policy?

We guarantee that our cleaners will leave your place spotless. If for whatever reason you’re not happy, let us know within 24 hours and we promise to send a cleaner out to take care of the problem for free, within a 7 day period.

What is your refund policy?

We do not offer refunds. If you are unhappy with any aspect of your cleaning, let us know within 24 hours of the appointment and we’ll either come out to fix it or offer a partial refund for the services provided. In most cases our maids will come back and fix any reasonable requests that were overlooked. Please note that a “reasonable request” is up to Maidstr’s management team.

What is your cancellation policy?

We allow for cancellations up to 48 hours before the schedule appointment. f you cancel or reschedule your appointment with less than 48 hours notice, a cancellation fee of $75 will be applied and charged to the credit card we have on file. If you cancel within 24 hours, or are a “no show” for your appointment, you will be charged for 65% of the total cost of the original cleaning service. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation with us in regard to this policy in that it helps up continue to provide the best possible service to our clients in a timely manner.

Can I apply a coupon to an appointment?

Of course you can! You can apply a coupon to a future appointment by logging into your account and clicking your name in the top right hand corner. You can then select “redeem voucher” and enter your code. The system will automatically apply the code to your next appointment. You can not apply your coupon to past appointment that are already completed.

Having trouble? Contact us and we’ll sort it out for you.


Do you clean post renovated or post construction homes?

Yes we do.  We will advise you prior to starting the work that we need to switch to an hourly rate of $35/hour per maid with a minimum of 2 hours booked.

How many cleaners do you send?

We send the sufficient number of staff to complete the job. If it’s a standard service for 2-bedroom apartment, one or two maids maybe sufficient. If it’s a 4,000 square foot mansion requiring a move-in service, we will send 3 to 4 people.

Why the 2 hour window of arrival?

We always do our best to show up on time, and we do 90% of the time, however we ask that you to please allow us a 2 hour window to account for GTA traffic, parking, and other surprises your cleaner(s) may encounter along the way. If there will be a delay longer than 30 minutes our agents will call to notify you.

Trust & Safety

Do you bring your own cleaning supplies or do I need to provide them?

All of our professionals come with their own supplies. If, however, you would prefer your cleaning professionals to use a specific product, leave it out for them or let them know once they arrive and they’ll be happy to accommodate your needs. Do note that sometimes the eco cleaning solutions are not strong enough to remove the discolorations, bad cases of mold or even white out the bottom of the shower stall, for example, versus simply cleaning and disinfecting it with green solutions. If you have a specific solution in mind, or a preference towards eco or non-eco solutions, please do let us know when you book your appointment.
Your wish is our command!

Can I trust my cleaning professional?

Absolutely. We know letting someone into your home is a big deal. So we take every precaution to hire bondable and vetted cleaners. Each and every cleaning professional goes through a thorough background check prior to ever stepping foot in a home.

What happens if something goes wrong during my appointment?

If something happens during your appointment, please don’t hesitate to contact us immediately at [email protected] or 1-866-428-6778

Is my billing information kept safe and secure?

Absolutely. All billing is handled by Stripe.  You can read about their security measures here.

Can you clean when I’m not home?

Of course we can. Just leave a key for us and let us know how to access your place. We will clean and lock the door after ourselves.

Will I get the same cleaner(s)?

We at Maidstr try our very best but it is not a guarantee.

We aim to please and we know that for reasons of comfort and convenience the best option is to ensure that the same teams are paired with the same clients.
However, due to complex appointment scheduling for clients over all the Greater Toronto Area, as well as factors like vacations, family events and other factors that affect cleaners’ availability, we might not always be able to schedule you the same team every time.

It is possible to always have your favorite team, if you:

+ are very flexible on your cleaning times,
+ inform us how important it is for you to have your team,
+ treat your team with kindness and respect.

Even without any special arrangements, most clients get their regular team 75% of the time. For the other 25%, all of our maids are fantastic. You may discover – as many of our clients do – you love the new house cleaning team even more than your prior team! Also, we back our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you tried another team and didn’t like it, we will address any issues.

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