Deep Cleaning Services Toronto

Highly Rated Deep Cleaning Services in Toronto, Ontario

If you’re interested in finally claiming back your free time and energy by having a professional maid service clean your home, our deep clean services are where you should start.

What Is a Deep Clean?

A deep clean is a service aimed at new customers or clients who haven’t had their home professionally cleaned for some time. Allowing extra time so cleaners can pay more attention to trouble-spots and put in a little more elbow-grease, deep cleans are designed to get your home back into pristine condition by thoroughly removing the dust, dirt, and grime that often accumulates in neglected and overlooked areas.

Every home has some spots that are out of sight or difficult to reach, and it’s easy to forget or brush over these spots quickly when cleaning your own home. 

However, when left unaddressed for too long, these trouble areas can cause health issues or pest problems. In addition, the longer those areas remain unaddressed, the more difficult they become to clean.

At Maidstr, we know exactly what is needed to get the tough areas taken care of. Our professional cleaning staff will expertly address those overlooked and neglected areas and get your home back up to 100%. Once we’ve been in and tackled those areas properly, it becomes easier to maintain your home during future services. 

When to Select a Deep Clean Instead of a Standard Clean

Our standard cleaning services are intended for maintenance of an already clean home. While they include everything needed to keep a home sanitary, they do not include all of the tasks nor the time needed to get your home in tip-top shape from the outset.

A deep clean, on the other hand, includes additional tasks and time so that our cleaners can ensure your home is as clean as possible.

They will spend more time on each task, scrubbing thoroughly and leaving each and every area glistening.
That’s why we strongly recommend our deep cleaning services to all of our first-time customers, to anyone who hasn’t had their home professionally cleaned in the last 3 months, or to anyone who believes that their home may be in worse than average shape.

After your home has received the level of care it needs from an initial deep clean, standard cleaning services are enough to maintain the cleanliness of your now sparkling home.

What is Included in a Maidstr Deep Clean?

Booking a deep clean service with Maidstr ensures that your home receives the highest level of care and attention possible.
Our professional and experienced staff will arrive on time with cleaning supplies and equipment in hand. We can even accommodate green cleaning requests if you let us know in advance.

Plus, with a standardized checklist designed to address the most common trouble spots in the home and extra allocated time, our cleaners will never miss a spot. Our list of deep cleaning services can be found below:

General Areas:

cleaning cabinet





In addition, we have optional add-ons which can be selected during your booking. If you feel that your home needs a task which is not on this list and not an optional extra, please get in touch and we’ll do what we can to accommodate it.

Why choose Maidstr for your deep cleaning services?

There’s no point pretending that we don’t have competition, but we do believe that we offer the best deep cleaning experience in Toronto. For starters, we’ve made our booking process as streamlined as possible, so you can use our online booking form and have your appointment scheduled in less than a minute!

In addition, our pricing is based on the service you select and the number of rooms in your home. You’ll always know what our deep cleaning services cost before you book. No costly surprises here!
We’ve also made the safety of you, your home, and your belongings one of our top priorities.

All of our professional cleaners have had to pass an in-person interview and a criminal background check before employment. We are also insured and bonded for both your protection and the protection of our staff in the unlikely case of any damage, injury, or theft at your property.


Our other top priority is your satisfaction. We send only experienced cleaners who have passed a test clean and been highly rated by other customers like you. We’re so confident you’ll love our services that we even offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re unsatisfied with your deep clean for any reason, let us know and we’ll do what it takes to make it right, starting with a free re-clean.

If you’re ready to get your home sparkling clean, book the best toronto cleaning service with Maidstr today!

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