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Move Out Cleaning Services in Toronto, Ontario


Is there anything more exciting than moving into a new home? You get to choose your new decorations, paint colors, or maybe some new furniture – the possibilities can seem endless.

But also…is there anything more stressful? You’ve got to pack up your things, arrange for a way to get them to the new home, and unpack everything. You may be moving to a completely new city and starting a new job in the middle of this, or dealing with enrolling your kids into a new school. You’ll mostly likely need to sort new power, internet, and water accounts, and cut off all the old ones.

And you’ll also have to clean your old home to perfection.

That’s right, in the middle of everything else, you’ll need to get your old home up to move-in standards for the next homeowners or tenants. But don’t stress too much. Hiring Maidstr’s move out cleaning services can help take the cleaning burden off your shoulders so you can focus on all the other important aspects of your move.

What Is a Move Out Cleaning?

No one wants to move into a dirty home, including the people who will move into your old living space. Once you’re out of the home, it still needs to be cleaned and prepared for its next occupants, and that means getting it as good as new. If you’ve been renting from a landlord, this is even more important; to get your security deposit back, you’ll have to hand over the keys to a sparkling clean and undamaged home that is ready for the next tenants.

Move out services are designed exactly for this purpose. Addressing everything a landlord or new home will look for, move out cleaning services will get your home move-in ready and set to impress even the toughest critic. From baseboards to the insides of cabinets and closets, every part of the home will be cleaned to like-new perfection.

Why Hire a Professional for Your Move Out Cleaning?

When you’re in the middle of coordinating all the different aspects of your big move, you simply don’t have the time or the energy to get your old home ready for its next chapter. Getting a home back to looking brand-new takes even more time and effort than a normal clean because of the dust, dirt, and grime that accumulates after years of living in the same place. Once you move the furniture out of its spot, you’ll see what we mean.

Bringing in a professional toronto cleaner to perform your move out cleaning is the best solution to save you time and effort while still ensuring your home is prepared for the next occupants. With the experience and knowledge required to get the job done properly, a cleaning crew will know where to start and they’ll get it done in no time.


Maidstr Is the Go-To Move Out Cleaning Company in Toronto


Our commitment to an excellent customer experience has maid Maidstr the top choice for move out cleanings in Toronto. From start to finish, we’ve tried to make our booking process as simple as possible so that you can waste less time worrying about booking a cleaning and get on with your busy move.

And since we know you also don’t have time to worry about unreliable cleaning companies, we promise that we’ll never cancel at the last-minute. We’ll arrive on-time, with everything needed to get the job done.

Plus, our cleaners are experienced professionals who have passed in-person interviews, a background check, and even a test clean. You can feel confident that we’re sending trustworthy individuals to take care of your cleaning, and that they’ll do an excellent job. 

In fact, we guarantee it. That’s right – our 100% satisfaction guarantee means that if our cleaners ever do a less-than-excellent job, all you have to do is let us know and we’ll come back to re-clean, free of charge. If you’re happy with our services, you can refer us to your friends. You can also buy them a gift card

Maidstr Offers Unparalleled Post-Construction Cleaning Services

Here at Maidstr, we know how important it is to leave the home in pristine condition for your landlord or new homeowners, and that’s what we specialize in. Whether you need the house clean to get back your security deposit or simply to satisfy the terms of your sale and purchase agreement, you can count on us.

We provide all of the cleaning supplies and equipment needed for your move out clean, so you don’t have to worry about leaving behind anything. We’ll handle it. In fact, we can even provide green cleaning options if you let us know that it is important to you.

During your cleaning, you can expect our professional crew to handle all of the tasks on our standard and deep cleaning checklists, as well as the following additional tasks:

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It is assumed that the property will be free of all boxes and furniture when we arrive for the move out cleaning. If this is not the case, it will affect the time needed to complete the cleaning and therefore the cost. But don’t worry, our pricing is affordable. 

Please remember not to turn off your power or water utilities until after we have cleaned your property. The equipment we will use requires the use of those services.

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