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Toronto’s Top Post-Construction Cleaning Services

Are you nearing the end of a big construction job on your home? Maybe you’ve built your dream home or renovated your old kitchen, or maybe you’ve decided to add a room to your existing house. No matter the construction project, one thing is always the same: it must be thoroughly cleaned before you can move into that space.

Sure, the builders might take away lots of the bigger debris, but after they’re finished your home will still be left in a state of disarray, with dust and debris over every surface. Construction dust and debris are particularly harmful, especially for those who suffer from allergies or other respiratory issues such as asthma.

You’ll need to ensure that every bit of dust has been removed before allowing yourself and your family to move. And we’re not talking about a simple vacuuming job here. Construction dust finds its way into every crevice of your home and takes a lot of effort to remove.

Thankfully, this isn’t a job you have to handle on your own. Maidstr is here to help, offering specialized post-construction services designed especially for these situations. We’ll get your home spotlessly clean and safe to inhabit in no time.

What Does a Post-Construction Clean Include?

Post-construction cleaning services are designed to bring remodeled or newly built homes back up to clean, livable standards. Renovations and general construction leave debris and dust throughout the home, making it unsafe to move into until it has been removed and thoroughly cleaned.

To prepare a home for people to move back into after a construction project, this cleaning service generally includes everything in a deep cleaning, but with more effort and attention given to areas that tend to hide harmful dust particles and dangerous construction waste. Often including areas such as air vents, windowsills, wall and light fixtures, and of course floors and carpets, this cleaning service will leave a new or remodeled home ready for its owners to enjoy safely.

Why Should You Hire a Professional for a Post-Construction Clean?

Post-construction cleaning is a tough job because there will be construction debris and dust left throughout your home. It takes some heavy-duty cleaning efforts to remove everything completely, which is extremely time-consuming and labor-intensive.

In addition, construction debris and dust are incredibly harmful to your health, so it is important that your cleaning is done properly to avoid any respiratory issues. Different from typical dust which is mostly made of dead skin cells, minute pieces of hair, and pollen, construction dust consists of things such as silica, gypsum, and wood. Furthermore, the debris can be small and dangerous, such as shards of glass or metal screws. Making sure that every last bit of dust and debris is removed before moving into the space is critical for the health of you and your family.

Hiring a professional house cleaning company such as Maidstr is the best way to ensure that your post-construction cleaning job is done properly. We’ll send experienced cleaners with specialized equipment and supplies to make sure that all construction dust and debris are removed. That way, you can be sure your brand-new living space is free of any health hazards when you move in, plus it will save you the time and effort of learning how to do it yourself.

Maidstr Offers Unparalleled Post-Construction Cleaning Services

When choosing a cleaning company for your post-construction services, it’s important that you choose one which is experienced in this specific area and will send trustworthy and reliable cleaners. So while you may have other choices of cleaning companies in Toronto, none will offer the expertise or customer experience that Maidstr promises with its post-construction cleaning services.

Since we know you’re excited to move into your new living space, we work to your schedule, with flexible options available seven days a week. We’ll always arrive on time, and we’d never, ever cancel at the last minute – we know your life is in limbo while you wait to move into your home, so we’d never waste your time like that.

We’ll even bring all of the supplies and equipment needed to get the job done, so you don’t have to worry about making sure you’ve got all of the right cleaning supplies. From sprays to specialized equipment, we’ll handle it all. We can even accommodate green, eco-friendly requests if you let us know that is important for your lifestyle.

Plus we take your safety extremely seriously. All of our cleaning professionals have been interviewed in person and passed a background check. Not only that, but we are also insured and bonded for an extra level of protection.

And one last thing that we believe puts us a step above our competition is our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you’re unhappy with your post-construction cleaning services, all you have to do is let us know and we’ll come back for a free re-clean. If you’re happy with our services, make sure you refer us to your friends. You can also buy them a house cleaning gift card

Maidstr Promises Exceptional Results with Every Service

We know you expect only the best when you book our professional post-construction cleaning services, and we promise to provide exceptional results every time. We do this with the use of our standardized cleaning checklist, which includes everything necessary to get your home safe and ready for your to move into and ensures that nothing will ever be overlooked or forgotten. Our cleaners will sanitize and scrub their way through your home, marking off items on the checklist as they go.

Want to ensure that your newly built or remodeled space receives the care and attention needed during cleanup? Use our easy online booking form today to book Maidstr’s post-construction cleaning services and you’ll be set in just a few clicks!

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