Our Two Pricing Models: Flat Rate Cleaning Packages Vs. Hourly Service

At Miadstr, we have two different service models which are designed to suit different needs. Knowing the differences between these models will help you choose the right service for your home.

Flat Rate Cleaning Packages

Maidstr’s flat rate cleaning packages are an up-front price based on the number of bedrooms and bathrooms in your home. Cleaning tasks performed are limited to a standardized cleaning checklist. It is also assumed that your home is of a standard size and a reasonable level of cleanliness.

Though it is rare, a cleaner may need to provide a requote upon arrival at your home if it is much larger than standard or if the cleaner deems it to be in extreme condition (e.g., it has not been cleaned for a very long time or is occupied by hoarders).

Flat rate packages will suit you best if your home is of standard size and cleanliness, your only need services covered by our checklist, and you prefer to know how much your cleaning will cost in advance.


Hourly Cleaning Services

Unlike flat rate packages, Maidstr’s hourly cleaning services allow you to pay by the hour. You can choose how many hours you’ll need when you book your house cleaning service beginning with a minimum of two. Once the cleaners have completed the chosen number of hours, you’ll have the option to add more hours or stop the cleaning. Our cleaners will not continue unless more hours are added.

This model offers customers more flexibility and allows them to customize their cleaning with specific tasks which may not be on the checklist. They can also specify specific areas of the house to be cleaned.

Hourly cleaning services will suit you best if you have special requests not covered by the checklist, or if you only need certain areas of your home cleaned. It may also be the most suitable service for you if your home is in severe condition and will require extra time and attention to detail.

Our Residential Flat Rate Cleaning Packages Broken Down

If you prefer a flat price based on the size of your home, you’ll need to choose a service. Knowing what is included will help you determine which service your home needs.

Standard Cleaning

Designed for regular maintenance of an already reasonably clean home. Select this if your home just needs basic upkeep.


Deep Cleaning

Designed for homes that haven’t been cleaned in some time and need extra care and attention. Includes standard clean plus extra tasks. Select this if your home has not been professionally cleaned for three months or if it is extra dirty.

Move Out Cleaning

Designed to prepare homes for their new occupants. Assumes the home will be free of furniture and boxes. Includes deep clean plus extra tasks. Select this only if you are moving and your home will be empty.


Post-Construction Cleaning:

Designed to clear away construction dust and debris after new builds or renovations and make homes safe and sanitary to move into.


If your home needs services that are not included in our flat-rate packages, you may add them during your booking. Please select from the following:

Selected add-ons may be required in some cases, such as in the case of a home with pets or extra rooms.

Frequency Discounts on Flat Rate Cleaning Packages

If you book recurring services to maintain your home, we want to make sure you’re getting a great deal. We offer the following frequency discounts on all services after the first:

Services We Don’t Do

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