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What’s a more important (and fun) use of your time – having friends over for a dinner party, or the clean up before/after? We know which one we’d pick. The dreaded general apartment clean can feel so repetitive and boring, especially when everything else in your life is so busy, don’t you think? It can all start to get a bit overwhelming. Not to worry, this is where we come in.

Maidstr is a premium house cleaning service in toronto that has your back! Our professional apartment cleaning package will have your apartment feeling like a home again in no time. Our fully trained specialist cleaners will adapt to your living space, whatever the size. With our adaptable, tailored, ordering options it’s more simple than ever to get your living space back in order.

If you have an untidy space that you just cannot get on top of, book with us now. From removing pesky pet hair to scrubbing your stovetops, our affordable service can brighten up any dull apartment and turn it into a sparkling homely space for all to enjoy.

What’s Included in the Apartment Cleaning Package at Maidstr?


Why Choose Maidstr to Clean your Apartment?

Not only do we have highly attentive, vetted cleaners, we also excel when it comes to our guarantees. With our 100% satisfaction policy, we guarantee that you’ll love what our cleaners can do. If, for whatever reason, you’re not happy, you can make us aware within 24 hours and we promise to send another cleaner out for no extra charge.

As well as this, we have always tried our absolute best to accommodate all schedules so, with this in mind, we just didn’t feel like 5 days out the 7 a week were enough; this means that you can even get a clean booked in on weekends!

Now a lot of people, understandably, have their trust issues when it comes to inviting people into their home, which is why we make sure to hire bondable and vetted cleaners. Every one of our professionals have gone through a background check before we ever let them step foot into any home, so you can rest assured your property will be safe under our watch.

We also won’t skimp on how many cleaners we send to you. We make a case by case decision depending on the size of your apartment, it’s never a generalisation with us. We pay close attention to your needs.

What Makes Us so Special?

Unlike some of our competition, we have not 1… not 2… not 3… but 7 service ares in, and around, South Ontario. This allows us to do more of what we love- help people! So if you’re down south, there’s a good chance we can reach you.

Another thing that makes Maidstr a cut above the rest is our easy add-on options. If there’s something that you need done that’s not listed in our ‘Pricing & Services’ breakdown, you can easily get in contact with someone on our team to see if we can accommodate you at this time.

Online booking has never been easier. With our easy, 3-step booking platform getting a cleaner committed to your apartment clean is so quick and simple. Just pick between our numerous popular packages (including, the “Just the Basics” package, the “A Little More Loving” package and the “Brand Spankin’ New” package). We try to make booking as painless as possible because we endeavour for you to find comfort not only after we’ve serviced your home, but even before we’ve stepped through your door.

Let Maidstr give you the ‘wow’ factor with our services. We believe, and fully stand behind, our professionals, and we know that’ll you’ll love them, and their work, as much as we do. It is our mission to make your cleaning life easier.

No matter how big, or small, your apartment is it can be made to feel so much smaller if it’s messy and unclean. Let us transform your space back into it’s inviting former glory. Concentrate on what really matters. Take a break from your chores and get in touch today- we can whip your place back into shape.

Where Else Can you Find Us?

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