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TORONTO Flat rate cleaning packages

Flat rate cleaning packages are great for those who want an upfront price for their cleaning with a prepackaged scope of work & cleaning checklist that covers their basic needs. 

Keep in mind that a flat rate cleaning package assumes your home is of standard size and average level of cleanliness depending on the type of cleaning package you select.

1 bedroom






4 bedroom


5 bedroom


Why are these different prices?

These prices listed are for a standard flat rate cleaning package. The rates goes up based on the number of bedrooms since it assumes more work as the size of the home grows


1 bedroom






4 bedroom


5 bedroom


Hourly cleaning service

Our hourly rate is $60 per hour, per cleaner.

The benefits of using our hourly cleaning service is that it allows you to pay by the hour starting at a minimum of 3 hours for 1 cleaner and cap it off at your budget.

An hourly cleaning service is also great if you’d like a very customized cleaning instead of a standardized cleaning checklist or scope of work that the flat rate cleaning packages comes with.

With our hourly cleaning you can request partial cleans instead of having to pay for the entire home, customized your budget, customize the task list or what areas to prioritize.

Organization Cleaning@2x
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Recurring service/frequency service

You can book home Maintaince plans if you’d like our cleaners to keep your home clean & maintained.

Depending on the frequency of how often you get the service, here are the discounts that apply for our recurring customers:

Factors Which Influence Pricing

There are several contributing factors that affect your pricing and go into consideration.

Here’s just a few of the major factors:

House cleaning services in Washington DC & DMV area@2x



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If you’re unhappy with your cleaning, we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee which means we’ll come back to fix it for free.

During the booking process, we will take a card on file.

This card is kept securely on our platform and placed under an authorization hold until the day of the cleaning. Once the cleaning is completed, we’ll go ahead & charge the card on file.

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