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How to prepare the home for winter - Maidstr Cleaning

10 Must Do Clean-Ups To Prepare Your Home For Winter

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The leaves are starting to fall and temperatures are dipping lower as the dog days of summer come to an end. Many homeowners do not realize that it is time to do some things to get ready for the colder weather. You made a large investment in your home so taking care of it is vital. A home that is neglected will deteriorate quickly and repairs will become costly.  

Important Tasks To Do In and Around Your House 

  1. Heater – It is probably time to schedule a tune-up for your system. Also, change out the filter before you start running the heating system. Clean all vents and ensure that they are not blocked in any way. 
  2. Gutters – As soon as the falling leaves of autumn have stopped their constant flow, get those gutters cleaned out. Clogged gutters will prevent rain water from draining properly. If rain water isn’t diverted, it will rot siding and puddle at the foundation of your home. Puddled water can freeze and damage your foundation. Mold and mildew can form as well. 
  3. Fireplace and chimney – Sweep up any ashes or debris left inside the fireplace. Hire a chimney sweep to clean your chimney as this can be a daunting task as well as dangerous for someone who isn’t skilled in this work. 
  4. Air Leakage – Caulking around windows and doors can become cracked or torn away over the hot months. Replace any caulking that is damaged. This will make your home more insulated. 
  5. Check the trim around windows and doors – Trim may have rotted or paint chipped during the summer. Replacing it now or repainting saves money in the long run.
  6. Patios, driveways, sidewalks – Cracks in concrete or asphalt can cause water to pool and freeze during winter months. Once this starts happening, your concrete or asphalt will eventually have to be replaced. 
  7. Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors – Change out the batteries to ensure your detectors are working properly. Winter is the most likely time for fires or carbon monoxide leakages to occur. 
  8. Prepare pool and sprinkler systems as well as outside faucets – Drain as needed. Find out what winterizing steps you need to take to protect these expensive systems. 
  9. Lawn and plants – Research the best way to winterize your particular strand of grass and plants. Many homeowners lose their lawns during colder weather because they aren’t ready. 
  10. Check trees for loose branches that might crack under the weight of heavy snow. 
  11. Call an exterminator to treat for any rodents that might be setting up house in your attic. Also, check for gaps in roof vents, soffits and fascia – these are invites for pesky creatures to get in when the weather is colder. 

Once you have your home ready for winter, it is time for a deep cleaning. Summer dust, dirt and pet hair can sink into your flooring, furniture, behind and under everything. A home that is shut up tight against the winter cold can be a trap for environmental illnesses and allergies. Let Maidstr help you get your home sparkling clean for winter and holiday parties! Use our easy online booking system or call us today @ 1-866-428-6778. 

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