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10 Ways to Declutter Your Home Today!

Looking around at the chaos of home, some people feel genuine anxiety and angst. Many mental health experts agree that a messy, disorganized space can create havoc in the minds of those prone to ADHD, depression, or OCD. Making a change to your home environment by declutter-ing could mean the difference between feeling calm and relaxed versus uncontrollably panicked. Even the most peaceful person experiences a rise in cortisol levels when faced with a cluttered area.

Hacks To Help Declutter Your Space

We have all heard some of the more common ways to keep clutter under control. Declutter-ing, or getting rid of anything you haven’t used in 6 months or items that don’t bring joy, is the main advice from professional organizations. Here are 10¬†ways to declutter the home that you may not have heard before:

  1. This one is a big help, but it will take a little work to make a habit – putting things where they belong, even if it is inconvenient. Every time you use a dish, wash it, dry it, and put it in the cabinet. Fold the clothes and put them away as soon as the dryer stops. Keep a garbage can in every room, so the trash is thrown away rather than left until you walk back into the kitchen. 
  2. When you need something at the store, buy it, but don’t go shopping because you want to look. The temptation to buy is much stronger than you think. 
  3. When more storage is necessary, think upwards. Shelves above the door or the sink won’t take up the wall or floor space, which causes more clutter. Also, adding storage baskets inside the cabinet door or the back of the bathroom door puts it out of sight but still available.
  4. Always shop with the ‘get rid of 1 for 1 of everything you buy’ concept. So, if you buy a new pair of jeans, donate a pair of old ones. You shouldn’t ever need to purchase hangers because this method keeps your closet well-stocked.
  5. Keep a special bin labeled ‘Donate’ and regularly fill it. Once it is full, put it in a disposable box or garbage bag in the back of the car and drop it at the nearest Goodwill or Salvation Army. 
  6. Every night before bed, walk the house with an empty laundry basket. Gather anything that isn’t where it is supposed to be and redistribute it to where it should be. 
  7. Open your mail every day. Throw away junk mail, catalogs, etc. You won’t use them, and nearly all stores have a website where you can order. If there are items that need to be shredded, do it immediately. 
  8. Linen closet disorganization is frustrating. Roll up washcloths and hand towels to store them upright or sideways in a basket. It is easier to spot the one you want, and it is neat and organized.
  9. Gift wrap rolls are challenging to make tidy. Try using a garment bag to organize the rolls and hang them in the closet. Add binder clips to keep the paper from unrolling. 
  10. Laundry is an organizing nightmare if you have a family. Put together a sorting station with bins for each person in the family. When the laundry gets done, sort it into the appropriate container. Each family member is responsible for folding and putting away their own clothes.

Decluttering is a freeing task once you get going. Make a list of the things that need to be done but only attempt one item each day or week. The small bites are easier to manage and won’t result in feeling overwhelmed. Maidstr wants to help complete the process by cleaning your home from top to bottom! Book a clean or call us today:¬†1-866-428-6778.

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