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4 Items You Should Frequently Replace In Your Bathroom

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4 items to replace in your bathroom

Replacing items in bathroom for cleanliness

Bathrooms are a pretty messy cleaning topic. While most responsible home, apartment and condo owners do their due diligence in wiping down countertops, mirrors, porcelain and other germ-collecting surfaces (basically the whole room), there are other nuances to keeping a truly clean bathroom that extend beyond regular cleaning. 

In short, there are several items in your bathroom that you should throw out and replace a whole lot more often than you currently do. The four that need replacing most often are: 


Bath and Hand Towels 

This one is a bit of a no brainer. The rule of thumb for towels is to wash after three to four showers, or as soon as they start to develop a faint musty odour. This depends on how vigorously you shower, how much you sweat, and a few other variables that might make for rather uncomfortable reading. Anything that you use daily should be refreshed as often as allowable, and even experts such as Heather Lende agree with the 3-4 day rule. As far as buying new ones goes, when towels lose their softness, and are not as efficient at absorbing water (or even begin to retain a bad odour after washing), it’s probably high time to replace them. 


Bath Mats

 It’s fairly well known that bathroom floors are one of the most contaminated spaces in a bathroom. Detritus from shaving, bathing, grooming and all other manner of bathroom related tasks usually ends up on the floor.  However, what is less well known is that bath mats – yes, even  the memory foam variety – are breeding grounds for all sorts of nasty bacteria and diseases. The damp from your feet after a shower collects in the mat, and any particles that land upon it all of a sudden have a moist, warm environment to begin multiplying. Not a fun thought. Where possible, hang your mats as you would with a towel. Otherwise, ensure they are washed every two/three weeks, and replaced outright every two years.   


Tooth Brushes / Anything That Goes Into Your Mouth

Expert advice also says to keep any oral hygiene utensils as far away from your toilet as possible. The truth of the matter is, all sorts of crap (literally) is released into the air when you flush your toilet, so it stands to reason that anything that goes into one’s mouth should be kept far, far away. Best practice with toothbrushes is to rinse and dry thoroughly after using, and replace them as soon as the bristles begin to split and fray. Other items such as plaque scrapers or tongue scrapers should be washed thoroughly after each use, and replaced upon signs of visible damage or overt wear and tear. 


Shower Curtains and Liners

If your shower/ bath design didn’t come with sliding or hinged doors, you more than likely have a shower curtain. With a ton of different style, design and material options they’re a great accessory, but buying a good quality shower liner is key if you want to keep the curtain fresh and free of mold and mildew. Cheap materials on the liner and curtain mean you will likely be purchasing a new set much sooner than you think. These should be replaced every 2-3 years, with the liner being replaced as soon as signs of damage or bad odour begin to form. 

To wrap up, remember that your bathroom is a very frequently used space. This means bathrooms are high volume collection points for dirt, bacteria and germs. As always, the best way to avoid the unpleasant effects of unclean space is to keep a regular cleaning schedule — and follow these suggestions for when to replace specific items! 


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