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4 Weirdly Unexpected Hacks for Keeping A Clean Kitchen & Bathroom

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Ensure A Dish Brush is Kept in the Shower

Make sure to always have a soap-dispensing dish brush in your bathroom. It’s the secret having a clean shower by fighting soap scum and shower buildup. The dish brush is small and precise enough to clean corners and gentle enough to not remove caulking and tile grout. After conditioning your hair, you can grab the dish brush and scrub down the shower door, tiles and bathtub. It’s a very efficient way to keep your bathroom clean.

Clean A Smelly Sink with Baking Soda and Lemon Juice

Declog your sink pipes and make that area smell fresh with this secret hack. When you think of all the gross stuff that goes down your drain, it makes sense that it’ll start to smell eventually. Flush your drain with hot water, then slowly pour a cup of baking soda down. Afterwards, pour about a cup of lemon juice and wait for the fizzy reaction. Wait 10 minutes and then turn on hot water. This will declog the pipes while providing a lemony fresh scent.

 Remove Broken Glass with a Piece of Bread

Who hasn’t had a tiny cut from an unswept shard of broken glass? Use this unknown hack to prevent that from happening again. Just take a slice of bread and press it gently over the tiny glass fragments. They will stick to the bread. Then throw that slice away. Viola!

Clean Up Pet Hair Using Rubber Kitchen Gloves

Did you know that rubber kitchen gloves have more than one use? Yes, they’re good for keeping your hands nice while washing dishes or taking out garage or just doing any kind of dirty chore. They’re also awesome for getting rid of excess pet hair. How? Slap a pair on and rub over the area that has pet hair. The rubber will do an effective job gathering up most of that hard to remove pet hair.

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