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Clean Baseboards & Door Handles - Maidstr

The last time you did a thorough clean of your home, did you remember to clean your door handles? What about the window sills or the baseboards? There are many areas that are easy to forget when cleaning, and these tend to be the ones that build a high amount of dust, dirt or grime and can lead to pretty unpleasant health consequences.

The five that are most forgotten, but often are in the most need of cleaning are:

1.)  stove buttons/knobs (and the grates themselves if you have a gas stove)

2.) door/cabinet/appliance handles

3.) the inside of cupboards/larders/pantries

4.) the baseboards/corners of a room

5.) window sills.

Cupboards and cabinets (especially the ones in your kitchen) are used almost daily. Frequent use almost always means more chances for grime to build up. Savvy homeowners will have a shelf liner to ward off stains and stickiness, but peeling the liner back can reveal a ton of dust and crumbs built up around the edges of the liner. Once a month, taking everything out of your frequently used cupboards and cabinets and wiping down the shelves and back of the cupboard should be sufficient to keep your cupboards free of anything unwanted. This doubles for a pantry/larder/cold storage room. Remember that basement storages can be subject to mold build-up, which you never want near your food.

Tracking back to knobs and handles; door handles, appliance handles and cupboard/cabinet handles are must-clean surfaces. Your bare hands come into contact with these surfaces daily, and are therefore targets for oil, dirt and grime build-up. Cleaning these surfaces should be made a part of your weekly cleaning regimen – especially in the kitchen! Stove knobs/touch panels, microwave exterior surfaces, fridge handles and the underside handle of a dishwasher should be wiped after each use if possible, but if not a weekly clean should suffice.

The last of the easy to miss surfaces are the baseboards/corners of a room and the window sill. To save time, when you’re cleaning your windows remember to give the sills and any trim around the window a thorough clean. The grooves of sliding windows with screens tend to be the worst for this, so gloves or a face-mask might be required if gunk isn’t your favourite thing. With baseboards; any time you’re cleaning your floors, you should also be wiping the baseboards of that floor, as well as the corners of the room.

Ultimately, it’s understandable that keeping a clean home can be a troublesome task for those of us without a lot of time on our hands. If you just don’t have the time to clean, then consider a home cleaning service that can offer you an affordable cleaning service; click here for more information.

Any questions or feedback? Don’t hesitate to contact Maidstr, Toronto’s and Guelph’s trusted on-demand home cleaning service. 

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