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6 Tips to Making Cleaning Fun & Easy

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Keeping a clmaidstr_cleanean home is a growing challenge for many of us with busy lifestyles. Here are some quick tips to getting you started on your way to a cleaner and clutter free home

  1. Clean as you go!

Many of us put off cleaning as we see it as yet another chore to be done. However, the best way to keep on top of things is to clean as you go. Get into the habit of doing a few things such as making the bed after you get up; cleaning the shower while in the shower and developing a habit of kitchen cleaning after each mess. The mantra of making sure that things are in their place after they are used will also help you get rid of clutter on the go. Give these a try for one week and develop the habit that could have your friends asking: “How do you do it?”

2. A place for everything and everything a place

One of the common habits that contribute to a messy place is doing activities in spaces that they were not designed for said activities. A great example is many people tend to eat and snack in bed and on the couch and tend to leave the messes in these places when they are done eating. Getting into the habit of conducting activities in the space they were designed for increases the chance of returning the used objects back to their place.

3. Be proactive about preventing dirt

Start with the habit of keeping shoes in the mudroom. Many people tend to track dirt into their homes by keeping shoes on and also not asking guest to remove shoes out of awkwardness. Also keeping the windows closed in cases of high wind will keep dirt at bay.

4. Handy garbage disposal placement

Equip rooms with the appropriate garbage disposal. Consider placing paper baskets in kids rooms and other rooms that need them and food disposal, recycling and non-recyclables in the places where you dispose of these categories of garbage. This will also enable better sorting for garbage time.

5. Schedule Cleaning

While it is advisable to work in small chunks of cleaning by cleaning up as you go, consider setting up schedule for deeper cleaning activities. These tasks could be such things as window cleaning, oven cleaning and other task that may not fall into the “Clean as you go” category. Much in the same way that you make other appointments in your life set time aside for keeping your living space clean.

6. Tell yourself “Cleaning is Fun”

Many people tend to enjoy cleaning while being entertained. Try putting on some of your favourite music or even one of your favourite shows on in the backdrop (as long as you are not couching it while cleaning). Create a fun atmosphere and dance along with your mom or scrub sponge. Before you know it it’s all done.

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