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Clean sink in bathroom

8 Cleaning Hacks For a Brilliantly Sparkling Bathroom

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Clean sink in bathroom

Cleaning hack for bathroom

Cleaning the bathroom is one of the more miserable chores we have to undertake.  Some folks avoid it at all costs, leading to some questionable environments, while others hem and haw and drag their feet before reluctantly undertaking the task. Arguments over who will clean the bathroom are probably up there with money in terms of reasons for fights between roommates, couples and families.

In addition to the physical griminess  of bathroom cleaning, there is also a chemical component. Oftentimes, harsh solutions are used to clean toilet, tubs, sinks and tiles (in the mistaken assumption that the harsher the chemical the better the outcome) and due to the smaller space and closed environment the chemical vapors can be detrimental to one’s health over a period of time.

Needless to say, cleaning a bathroom is not exactly the most fun chore around.

With that in mind, we’ve compiled simple yet brilliant hacks that makes this tough job much easier.

  1. Shining Your Faucets and Shower Heads

Faucets and shower heads are often victims of water spots, or even worse, the dreaded rust damage.

If you only want to shine the faucets or shower heads, baby oil will do the trick. Simply use any cloth with a dab of baby oil and it will shine like a perfect mirror.

For the more stubborn water spots and rusts use the powerful and magical white vinegar.  For heavy rust damage, fill a small plastic bag with white vinegar, and fasten the plastic bag opening around the faucets, shower heads, or anything that needs cleaning. Secure it with a rubber band or a twisty tie.  For lighter damage, simply use a cloth or an old sock to rub the white vinegar into the affected area.

  1. Easy and Cheap Bathtub Cleaning

Remember that layer of soap scum that lines your bathtub?  Here’s a cool trick to clean it without any chemicals.

Sprinkle salt on a grapefruit, and use it to scrub your bathtub. Not only it will clean and remove that stubborn soap scum, but your bathroom will smell fresh, citrusy and clean.

  1. Clean Your Toilet the Natural Way

Chemicals are often the most common solution to clean your toilets, but an all-natural DIY solution will do the trick as well.

Mix equal parts white vinegar and baking soda and let it sit for roughly 15 minutes.  This concoction will break down the filthy film and germs around your bowl.  Simply wipe and flush.

  1. Secret Recipe For Your Mirror

The best way to clean your bathroom mirror?  Use black tea to do the job.

Dip a lint-free cloth to a pot of black tea, and wipe it over the mirror. You’ll be surprised how it will shine and the smell it leaves behind is as relaxing as a spa resort.

  1. Prevent Shower Scums From Forming

Shower scum on your glass door can be extremely difficult to remove once it’s there.  However, you can prevent it from forming using this very simple solution.

Buy a rain repellent like Rain-X usually used for car windshields and apply to your glass door. You can also apply it to mirrors and other glass materials.  Water doesn’t stand a chance, trust me.

  1. Clean Your Tiles

Mix equal parts dish soap with white vinegar = perfect solution in making your tiles sparkling new.

Simply rub the tiles with the solution or use a toothbrush for those tough spots.

  1. Easy Fix For Clogged Drain

Here’s an easy fix for a persistently clogged drain, and no, it doesn’t involve costly products or harsh chemicals.

Drop one or two tablets of Alka Setzer and pour some white vinegar down the drain. Wait a few minutes and rinse with hot water.  Plop, plop, fiz, fiz, your drain is unclogged and back in biz.

  1. Defog Your Mirror

Wipe the mirror with the shaving cream, and rinse with a wet paper towel. Shaving cream can also be used to polish chrome faucets and shower heads.  Don’t forget, the sweet scent of shaving cream is also a bonus and much cheaper than those costly cleaners with numerous chemicals.

Keeping a clean bathroom is not the most easiest or fun tasks but with these simple hacks, the task can be made cheap, effective and fun.

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