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Fast Laundry Hacks – Tackling This Daunting Task

There are two separate types of people: those who do a marathon of wash on an off-work day and then the organized group that does a load every day. Or maybe you are in that whole separate group who only washes when you run out of clothes and when you smell the ones on the top of the dirty pile to find something you can stand to wear. 

No matter your style, laundry can pile up, become annoying and take up too much time unless you use some of these popular hacks to make it easier!

  • Don’t feel like you have to turn clothes inside out or vice versa – just throw them in the way they are. Kids (and sometimes husbands) are famous for throwing things in the hamper inside out but this doesn’t affect how clean they get. 
  • When you first get up, start the washer and put the soap and fabric softener in first. While that is filling, separate the clothes, spray any stains and put any delicates in the bags. By the time these things are done, the washer is ready to start. 
  • Set a timer on your phone to move the laundry in 30 minutes. At that time, move the clothes to the dryer and put your next load in the washer.
  • Set a timer for the dryer and once they are ready, remove the hang-up items. Hang them and place in the closet after everything is out of the dryer and the next load is in the dryer. Fold the clothes that go in the dresser and put them in the dresser immediately. Doing this avoids the baskets of laundry sitting around to get wrinkled and for the cat to lay on. 
  • Keep all your laundry supplies on top of the dryer or on a shelf just above the washer. A plastic container is a perfect way to keep smaller items together such as lingerie bags and stain removers. 
  • You can modify these instructions for your choice of how you like to do your wash – daily or weekly or when the plethora of clothing you have is dirty. 
  • Attaching hooks in the laundry room or on the back of doors is a helpful way to hang items that are on hangers or drying naturally. You won’t regret doing this as it will speed up your laundry process and make it smoother.
  • Kids can help from age 3 and up – sorting laundry, using a step stool to put the clothes in the washer or moving from the washer to dryer and for older kids, putting clothes in the drawers and closets. This is not only helpful but gives them something to do so you can concentrate on other things.

Maidstr can help with many cleaning projects around your house including your laundry so you are freed up to do more of what you love. There is no shame is asking for help – we all get overwhelmed. Call us today!

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