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Moving In or Moving Out?! 4 Key Steps To Consider

Anyone who has ever had to move homes knows just how stressful the whole ordeal can be. Moving homes is considered one of life’s stressful events, right up there with job loss and divorce, and it can be overwhelming to even know how to start.

There are lots of resources on how to efficiently and effectively move homes. What we can advise you on is are these three key findings gleaned from our real estate and furniture moving partners:

  • Ensure that you complete your move in stages. You want to first pack everything. Then you want to move completely. Then unpack everything. Stress comes from not completing one stage before going to the next. A few exceptions might be made but you will be far more effective by completing one stage before moving to the next.
  • Get help. Bribe with beer and pizza or any other incentives. The more people you have to help you, the faster the work can be done. Don’t be afraid to delegate. If some friends are unable to help you psychically move some items set them to other tasks like cleaning or mowing, for example.
  • Have a plan for how to pack. Best option is to pack by room and to number the boxes. Don’t forget to label the boxes on at least 3 sides. Keep a file or piece of paper where you list what’s in the numbered boxes.
  • Approach the entire moving task with a positive and healthy mindset. Moving can be difficult but it will get done eventually, within a finite period of time.

Of course, if you are able to you can hire professional movers to pack up and transport your boxes. You can also hire a professional cleaning service like Maidstr to do a comprehensive move in cleaning service before you move in to your new home, or even after you leave your old one.

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