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Real Estate Agents: Help! What Do I Do About This Messy Listing?

It is a slippery slope for a real estate agent to have a client whose house is messy and cluttered. Mentioning home organization can create a wall between you and your client if it isn’t handled right. Most people who are listing their home understand the importance of cleaning the house. However, many do not get the idea of how clutter can make even the even the nicest of homes unappealing. Wall to wall furniture, tons of knick knacks, stacks of paper, overcrowded closets with clothes hanging off the hangers and shoes thrown in haphazardly and a jumbled mess on every counter space are just a few of the problems that you might encounter. So how do you approach this problem and keep your client happy? 

Make A Welcome Folder 

Giving a welcome folder and gift bag to every listing client will help to soften the blow when they realize you do this with everyone. In the welcome folder include the following:  

  • Checklist – This should include a list of items your client should do prior to the sign being placed in the front yard. It is better to use this tool to motivate as you present it to the client letting them know the sign won’t be posted until the checklist is complete. You should have two checklists – one for cleaning and one for organizing. Be warned – you may have to back off of that requirement if they complete only a portion of the items. Try putting a “*” in front of the most important items. 
  • Explanation of Checklist – Behind the checklist, include a more in depth description of what you hope to see done. For example, your checklist might say: “Clean and organize bedroom closet”. The explanation will say “Get rid of clothes you aren’t wearing and items you aren’t using, make sure everything is hung neatly, shoes are placed nearly in rows or on a shoe rack, stack items on the shelving in an organized manner, make use of containers and baskets to organize smaller items. Make your closet look less lived in.”  
  • List of potential places to hire for cleaning and organizing as well as local donation centers. Even if your customer isn’t interested in a regular cleaning service, they may consider hiring someone for a one-time deep clean that they can then maintain. 
  • In your welcome bag, include a pleasant-smelling candle to encourage your client to use when potential buyers are visiting.  

Maidstr Cleaning in Toronto can help with your dilemma. We can provide that perfect touch to get that listing moving. We do condo cleaning and house cleaning. Our methods include green cleaning to show your customer we are environmentally friendly. If you are dealing with a messy client, let us assist you. Our cleaning specialists are ready to get started on that chaotic listing. Call or text us today to get started:  (866) 428-6778. 

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