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Real Estate Agents: What Exactly Can a Home Staging Service Do For Me?

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As a Real Estate agent, you deal with many clients whose homes are eclectic in both organization and style. Many agents are finding that a home staging service is a wise investment for homeowners before a property is listed. The photos that appear online will give potential buyers the first look at the property so it’s vital to make sure it looks great! The National Association of Realtors recently did a study on home staging and the results were astonishing – to read more on this, check it out here

Tips For Staging a Home 

Furniture Arrangement – Sometimes all it takes is a new plan. If your client has been living in the home for awhile, changing the furniture placement may be a good idea. A home stager can access the design layout and advise on updated ways of creating good “feng shui” in your home. 

Decor – There may be nothing wrong with the current decor but if it is too different or too traditional it could be a barrier for prospects to even view the house. Changing out pictures, paint colors, throw pillows and other items can completely change the look and feel. Something as simple as changing out the old brass door knobs and light fixtures can make a home look fresh and modern. 

Clutter – A talented home stager will point out areas that contain too much stuff. It is best to listen to this advice as it is definitely a deterrent when selling a home. Clearing out closets, minimizing items that are sitting around on tables or counters, removing excess furniture that makes a room too crowded, are all things you can do to declutter. Too much junk (even stuff you love and value) will make a home look messy. If your client doesn’t want to get rid of his grandmother’s deer head she shot for your grandpa, find a place to store it that isn’t in the house. Not everyone has an appreciation for sentimental value. 

Home Organization – A well organized living space looks clean and neat. This can’t be skipped when trying to stage a home. 

Cleaning – A skilled staging consultant will counsel your customer to clean the home from top to bottom. While the first step is to get possible buyers interested, the next step is getting them to buy! Many people aren’t interested in buying other people’s homes because a new home comes clean and ready for move-in. Listed homes must beat out the competition by being clean, clean, clean! 

While home staging may not be the fix-all choice for everyone, it might help sell the home. The most basic upgrade your client can make to his/her home is to get it sparkling clean. Maidstr can assist with making a Toronto home ready for showing.  Call us today!  

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