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Clogged Bathtub Drain Toronto

Sick Of Your Bathtub Drain Getting Clogged By Hair and Other Gunk? Here are 2 Tips

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Clogged Bathtub Drain Toronto

In an exasperated fit, one client was on the verge of calling the plumber to unclog his bathtub drain.  He was sick and tired of standing ankle deep in his bathtub due to his wife’s and daughters’ hair clogging up the drain. We commiserated with him as Maidstr staff also has run into this problem in their own bathrooms and advised him to get hair catcher to keep drains from getting clogged.  It doesn’t cost much, anywhere from $10 – $20, and it does it work in catching hair and gunk. You simply need to empty it once or twice a month. 

In terms of preventing clogging, simply pour very hot water down the drain once a month. It will loosen gunk and other matter and push it down. 

Do you have other methods of preventing your bathtub drain from getting clogged? Please share. 


Image courtesy of lifehacker.com

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