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Three Hacks to Maximize Your Storage Space

If you constantly find yourself overwhelmed by clutter, or hesitating in making a new purchase – even something you really need – because you just can’t think how you’re going to store it, you are not alone! Particularly for those who live in rented accommodation, or in older properties, insufficient storage space is an issue that comes up again and again.

But fear not! As the time comes to clear out your closets before the festive season begins, here are five essential hacks for maximising the storage space you have. Check these out before heading off to IKEA in frustration! 

Store Out-of-Season Clothing in Your Suitcases 

If you’re not a regular traveler, you’ll know the frustration of storing your holiday luggage. It’s large, it’s immovable, it takes up a depressing amount of space, and you use it so infrequently it’s always dusty when you do drag it out, meaning you end up having to clean it before you can pack.  

This hack handily tackles most of these frustrating problems. Why not use those huge suitcases as portable storage boxes to store your out-of-season clothing in? They are much lighter and easier to carry than conventional storage boxes, just as easy to stack, and the amount of closet space they take up moves from an inefficient waste to a handy storage solution! You’ll have no more need to dust your suitcases before packing, as they’ll be in regular use; you’ll become much more familiar with the most effective way to use them, making you much better at actually packing for trips away, and as you won’t be home when the suitcases are being used for their traditional function, you can simply stack neatly folded clothes on your bed, which also acts as an excellent reminder to unpack, wash and reorganise as soon as you do get home!  

Supercharge Your Hangers  

Odds are that you usually leave the hangers in the store when buying sweaters, pants or other fold-able items. It’s worth the extra ironing to maximize storage space, you think.  

Never again! It turns out hangers can be the most efficient storage system for your clothes as well as one that minimises your ironing! 

Use a cheap metal bicycle chain to stack your clothes on hanger vertically! Every link becomes a handy place to slot a hanger – just remember to put long items at the top and keep the bottom for short shorts! 

Even if your cupboards are quite short, a simple soft drink can tab pull can be slid over the top of one hanger to provide a handy slot to hang a second for effortless doubling of space.  

Sick of having to drag out a dozen storage boxes to find your favourite belt or scarf? Use shower rings or clothes pegs to turn a single hangar into hanging space for half a dozen of your favourite accessories – and they’re right in front of you as soon as you open the closet door!  

Shoe Addict? Think Towel Rails 

Are you forever stumbling over your dozens of cute ballet pumps or stylish sandals? Five minutes with a drill could clear your floors forever!  

Towel rails are incredibly cheap and easy to buy at home and DIY stores. Simply attach a few of these in neat vertical rows to the back of your wardrobe or hall closet and you can slot half a dozen pairs of flat shoes between the rail and the wall – and never worry about mixing up pairs again! Plus, if you suffer from wet feet regularly, you can fix one above your radiator for an excellent drying rack.

Do you have any ideas or tips you use to maximize your storage space? Don’t hesitate to share!

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